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User First SEO Campaigns

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. We analyse users in your market and identify their conversion paths. From this, we can better position your business to give users what they want, when they want it.

SEO services designed to help your business grow

We specialise in the following SEO services:

  • SEO Auditing & Strategy

    Carrying out an SEO audit of your websites current performance by looking at rankings, competitors, organic traffic, usability and mobile compatibility. From this we will build a target digital strategy to increase traffic to your website. Our data driven SEO campaigns contain everything needed to succeed online whether you are looking for an international, national and local SEO campaign.

  • Technical SEO

    An SEO agency with heavyweight technical SEO experts who audit your website and online reputation by assessing code bases, product databases, tags, Google Search Console setup and much more. This allows us to understand what a search crawler sees and how algorithms react and engage with your website. Understanding your technical build and working with web development teams improves both user experience and load time on site – meaning marketing services can have a positive impact across existing customer bases, as well as gaining new ones.

  • On-page Optimisation

    We create custom on-page optimisation reports for clients which include clear actions to improve your SEO performance and search engine rankings. Actions are prioritised and weighted based on value to overall account targets. Search engines will read an entire page from menus through to internal links, our on-page reports provide best practice advice and lead with data designed to improve online performance. We work ahead of Google Algorithms to ensure your website is optimised for the future, as well as the present.

  • User Experience

    Understanding your websites purpose for what it is, we will use both technology and heuristic reviews and evaluations. We analyse user paths and key landing pages for sentiment and conversion. This includes understanding paths to sales or leads and carrying out conversion rate optimisation and working with web design teams to make informed decisions to increase the value of your current client base.

  • Content Marketing

    Content marketing that starts with your audience first; delivering your brand message in the right format, at the right time. This is often paired with social media marketing and on-page work. The best SEO campaigns offer real value to their target markets and content marketing provides a core route to market success.

  • Digital PR & Outreach

    Outreaching Communications for Customer & Search benefit. Read about how we PR your business for maximum exposure. Link building has evolved over time to account for actual PR work and brand awareness campaigns. Third party sources and local or national newspapers are no longer just a marketing channel for global corporations and a strategic approach to placement is needed to succeed online.

  • Local SEO

    As an SEO agency in London we know first hand the importance of local SEO and driving qualified business to your door through online search. Near me searches, postcode searches and geolocation on mobile phones have increased customer ability to engage with your products and services and increasing use of voice search is likely to make this of greater importance in 2019/2020 and beyond.

  • Mobile SEO

    Everything we do starts with a Mobile first approach, in line with Googles search engine algorithms. We have a specific process we follow to audit and improve mobile SEO, especially for retail and B2C businesses. At the heart of any mobile SEO campaign are technical aspects such as speed, time to interactive and the ease of crawl of the site in question.

Critical Factors For SEO Success

Successful SEO campaigns are built by understanding what users are looking for and providing a website that answers their search queries and the needs of these queries.

KPI Based SEO Campaigns Measuring Rankings, Traffic & Sales

Completely data-led SEO campaigns that target users and the moments they are searching for your business. This creates a three-tiered reporting structure, based around first increasing online visibility, secondly increasing targeted online traffic and thirdly an increase to onsite conversions and business leads.

Working to Enhance SEO and UX for SERPs visibility and user engagement

Successful SEO is a lot more than purely on-page optimisation and a couple of links. In 2019, SEO should take into consideration what users are doing on the page, the protection offered, E-A-T (expertise, authority, trust) and page speed. Considering these elements and how interaction with your business will change is a key factor for SEO success.

Technically proficient SEO Managers Working Across All Accounts

Our agency and our SEO teams are designed to fit in around your business and these teams work directly on your account. This means you don’t receive just a point of contact, but real-life SEO specialists working on your website, to improve rankings, traffic and conversions within your business.

Reporting Success based on Technical & Commercial Metrics

Because of the need to work for a user as well as a search engine, we also report upon successes within page speed, average times on landing pages, click through rates to other areas of the site and visibility of research elements such as snippets. These feeds our core reporting across commercial elements, such as ROI and ultimately leads into your business.

An SEO Agency Focused on ROI

Our approach to search engine optimisation is simple and our results speak for themselves; we build SEO strategies based on the purpose of your website, how potential customers will engage with different devices and sources to find you online, and the user experience they have once they do find you. Analysing your website with these principles in mind, we drive a measurable increase in conversion rates, leads and sales through marketing and SEO campaigns for SME and Brand clients.

"Our leads doubled within 6 months of onboarding POLARIS. The foundation now has a healthy pipeline of opportunities and we are confident they will continue to grow." Jerry Boniface, Thomson Reuters Foundation

Agency SEO services are customer centric, with a strong focus on what is important to your business and what will increase the value of your product. This allows us to then tell you the value of every pound spent with POLARIS.

Transparent SEO with Clear Reporting

Our team of technically minded SEO strategy and campaign managers understand that technical metrics lead to commercial success and that using our time effectively leads to RoI. We, therefore, report using our proprietary system Bright Metrics on a number of factors, giving clients a complete insight into where agency budget is being committed, conversions and documentation generated in activity, and RoI from performance. This creates a clear difference between our SEO work and other SEO agencies in the industry.

"They got my website to position 2 for wedding shoes after I'd lost faith in it being possible. The guys at POLARIS not only got my b2c retail business off the ground but they restored my faith in SEO." Adam Benjamin, Paradox Shoes

Our London based team work intelligently on multi-faceted SEO strategies to deliver performance in the short and long term, to not only manage your expectation but also ensure we improve user experience and drive leads and sales consistently through search optimisation, over time.

Case Study

Increasing Womens shoe sales through broad term focused SEO


In a shrinking market where high street retailers are facing difficulty, we worked with Paradox London to diversify their business away from Wholesale and increase their direct to consumer sales through SEO.

There are around 235,000 marriages per year in the UK and this creates a huge demand online for high quality products at competitive pricing. POLARIS inherited a website in its infancy and was tasked with identifying how to improve rankings for core terms to drive traffic and then working to increase sales and online exposure as well.

Working in unison with the business owner and marketing team, we developed a strategy designed to hit all three targets.

With a small window of opportunity to capture brides and bridal parties a plan was put in place to focus on user experience, trust and authority to ensure both the initial visibility for people researching for a product and secondary searches for the final purchase was apparent. This included creating stepping points for web development to ensure the website meets what is now known as E-A-T or YMYL.

The final element of the campaign had to focus around the needs of the business in terms of future growth, movement into new markets and negating the risk associated with a wholesale supplier to the struggling highstreet. By understanding these challenges, the market and the competition – we were able to distinguish the most valuable route to market for the business for long term revenue growth, not just short term online success.


  • 954% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 831% Increase in Visibility
  • 99% Increase in Conversion Rates

From our client

"Polaris have been honest and realistic about the time and approach needed to get our business the digital performance we needed. Thanks to their expertise and commitment, we have diversified our business and can see b2c being a larger part of our revenue going forward. Great team that really are experts in their field."

Adam Benjamin

Director, Paradox London

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