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SEO and Ecommerce Online

It is estimated there will be 2.14 billion online shoppers by 2021, 29% of the global population, with 45% of these starting their shopping journey with a search engine. Further, 88% of these buyers trust and use online reviews when buying a product.

Introducing New Customers For Multiple Transactions, Overtime

We understand that SEO performs as a part of a wider digital marketing strategy, and as such our ecommerce SEO services are designed with specific objectives based on your funnel, from initial research into products through to final conversions.

The final goal of any SEO strategy is to increase sales across an entire business, taking into account the impact organic traffic has on a final transaction.

Platform and CMS Optimisation

We have experience in optimising a number of Ecommerce platforms, including Magento, Netsuite, WooCommerce and Episerver. From technical setup through to on-page SEO or product database optimisation, every element of your online buying portal is audited and refined.

No matter which platform your business runs from, our SEO strategies are clear, with set deliverables and KPIs targeted to increasing final transactions and net profit online.

Product + Category SEO

Based on your Ecommerce SEO objectives, we will target particular categories and products for a true balance between traffic increases and conversions. This gives us a multi-faceted SEO strategy that commands online space at every level of the buying process.

This allows an ecommerce store to reach a bigger audience and more customers than ever before and streamlines the route from initial search to final conversion, taking into account factors such as the impact of Google Shopping and customer or product reviews.

Conversion Rate Optimisation and UX

A streamlined ecommerce SEO strategy means nothing without an intuitive sales funnel and cart process that guides a user to buying from you.

We analyse Google Analytics and User behaviour data to identify drop offs and opportunities to increase conversions using a number of internal and external tools, including working with affiliates, basket abandonment and Big Data to make key decisions that will improve sales.


Goal + Sale Reporting

In the world of Ecommerce, sales volumes and average order values are key metrics. We work with you to understand these and deliver increases.

With all ecommerce SEO accounts we deliver ecommerce data dashboards through Google Data Studio and reports with attribution modelling on sales accounting for the full 360 degrees buying journey. This gives full credit to all user channels and allows us to improve SEO performance and also business performance as a whole.

Driving retail transactions through Ecommerce optimisation campaigns

With the increase in Google Shopping presence online, the role of organic search within ecommerce sales now includes the broader task of assisting users with serving relevant information for an Ecommerce retailers products and the moment users need it.

At POLARIS, we recognise these changes and position your Ecommerce SEO campaign to fulfil its intended purpose; to expose product information to potential buyers as they research their options on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

"We have a mobile first SEO mindset for our ecommerce clients and our structured approach has been proven to drive measurable increases in rankings, traffic & transactions from mobile devices." Keith Hodges, Head of SEO

Ecommerce SEO campaigns traditionally report on single session and multi session sales, however today’s fragmented journey requires us to understand the micro moments potential buyers go through so that they can be matched to relevant pages and content on your destination website.

Our team of SEO Account Managers will work with you to strategise campaign goals and KPIs, reverse engineering your internal targets right back to search metrics such as engagement and traffic.

Working with the quality guidelines and keeping users safe

Recent guidelines released by the search engines dictate an even greater focus on safety and security for users buying online. YMYL - Your Money or Your Life, is a particular quality guideline introduced which stipulates the importance of providing correct and full information to allow customers to be fully informed and feel safe when transacting online.

The focus of YMYL is based around providing enough quality and trust within a web page that Google feels confident a user is able to make an informed decision, with confidence, before a final purchase. This includes everything from sizing charts to effective payment gateways, to offsite measurements such as a links. This includes additional areas of focus introduced by E-A-T - Expertise, Authority, Trust. 

"Whether it's carrying out an SEO audit or identifying the impact brand exposure on social media has on conversions, our campaigns are run by SEO experts with a combined 50 years' experience in the ecommerce industry." Amo Sokhi, Account Director

Coupling our expert approach with attribution reporting through our Bright Metrics system results in a transparent, journey optimum SEO campaign for your Brand, designed for a single purpose; success.

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