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Digital Campaign Management Software

Technology in Digital Marketing

Whether you are a small business or global brand, effectively using technology can have a huge impact on your digital marketing efforts.

Bright Metrics - our proprietary digital marketing platform

At POLARIS we believe reaching your goals should be simple, with clear reporting and transparent insights at all times.  It is because of this belief that Bright Metrics was born.

Our proprietary technology platform allows us to run entire organic marketing efforts, manage individual campaigns, understand the performance of your website and report on goals and progress all in one place.

Website Analysis

The Bright Metrics Algorithm Quality Checklist ensures your website remains ahead of algorithm updates.

Workflow Management

Integrating Salesforce CRM into our system allows us to manage day-to-day tasks, track industry knowledge updates and measure work against short, medium and long term goals.

Customer Profiling

Persona profiling and website user trends analysis allows us to understand how to reach your goals.

Smart Reports

Our report suite ranges from mapping basic web data to offering insightful knowledge on leads, sales techniques and even the strength of offline marketing efforts.

A Smart SEO & PPC Digital Marketing Tool

Bright Metrics does the work of reporting and providing insights on your campaigns, meaning we can study and utilise data quickly and efficiently to provide campaigns that deliver.

Timesheet Reporting

Know exactly where in your business your marketing spend is being used, and where time impacts your campaign.


Our press database which allows us to target content strategy to key influencers within your industry.

SEO Rank Tracking & Analysis

We track ranking trends across your target websites and carry out analysis on your competitors and your industry.

Campaign Forecasting

Based on industry specific data we can create formulas for growth targets and predictions for future performance.

Our clients see a higher return on agency investment thanks to Bright Metrics. Get in touch to find out more.

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