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German SEO Agency | Specialists in SEO Campaigns | POLARIS Agency
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Generating online traffic in the UK, Germany, Austria & Switzerland

Target Your Client Sectors, Companies, & Decision Makers Now

SEO That Drives Leads in German-Speaking Markets

We are a specialist SEO agency driving leads into client businesses through SEO on an international scale.

Keyword Research

Knowing which terms potential clients in your target market are searching for is the first step to successful SEO


Gaining backlinks to your website from sites local to your target market will increase your relevancy in search engines

On-Page Optimisation

The content of your pages makes a significant impact on your SERP rankings, so getting this right is key

Translation & Localisation

Offering web content in the native language of your target audience, as well as in an accessible format to them, will benefit your rankings in international search engines


The advancements of German innovation are no secret, and the UK thrives on many products and services imported from German speaking countries. This is not a one-way street, as the UK has a lot to offer to German speaking countries as well. To ensure your business enjoys the best possible market share in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, ranking in their search engine results is a crucial factor.


Services we offer:

  • Keyword research in German
  • Outreach to the German-speaking market
  • Optimisation of your German web content
  • Advice regarding localisation of your German web pages


At POLARIS, we have experience in generating traffic to international markets, and can build a custom German SEO campaign to increase the visibility of your website in the German market, to increase traffic, conversions and revenue.


Offering German language content on your website is one of the most efficient ways of improving your rankings in the search engine results pages of German-speaking countries. This will not only improve metrics such as pages per session and time spent on site, since it will be easier for users in the target market to navigate, but offering German web content will mean that your site is seen as more relevant by German search engines, which will result in a positive impact on your rankings.


To discuss reaching German-speaking markets with a German SEO campaign, please get in touch.

For businesses in German-speaking countries looking to enter the UK market, the extensive experience POLARIS has to offer will undoubtedly be of benefit to your SEO campaign. We have run a diverse range of campaigns targeting the UK market for clients nationally and internationally, and our in-depth understanding of the market means that our clients can get their UK SEO campaign off to the best possible start.


Services we offer:

  • Keyword research
  • Outreach to the UK market
  • Translation & localisation of your web pages into English
  • On-page optimisation of your English web-content


Our team have the expertise to understand what makes your business successful in your home market and the professional experience to help you enjoy equal success in the UK market.


If you are a German-speaking business aiming to target the UK market, please contact us.


für Firmen in Deutschsprachigen Lände, die der Markt im Vereinigten Königreich anvisieren wollen

Firmen in Deutschsprachigen Lände, die der Markt im Vereinigten Königreich anvisieren wollen, werden ohne Zweifel von der Erfahrung von POLARIS profitieren, als sie eine neue SEO Kampagne einführen. Wir haben eine Vielzahl von Kampagne für Kunde im Land so wie auch im Ausland erfolgreich durchgeführen, die auf der Markt in Vereinigten Königreich zielen. Unsere ausführliche Kenntnis des Markts bedeutet, dass unseren Kunden ihre britische SEO Kampagne einen guten Start hinlegen können.


Die Dienstleistungen, die wir anbieten sind:

  • Stichwortforschung
  • Kontakt mit dem britischen Markt
  • Übersetzung und Lokalisierung Ihrer Internetseiten aus Deutsch ins Englisch
  • Die Optimierung Ihrer Englischen Web-Inhalten


Unsere Team hat die Fachkenntnis zu verstehen, warum Ihre Firma in Ihrem Inlandsmarkt erfolgreich ist, und die Berufserfahrung um Ihnen zu helfen, gleich viel Erfolg im Vereinigten Königreich zu genießen.


Deutschsprachigen Firmen, die der britischen Markt erreichen wollen, bitte uns kontaktieren.

Engage Prospective Partners  Through Our SEO  & Content Marketing Campaigns

Award Winning Digital Campaigns

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At POLARIS we take great pride in celebrating our achievements. As a part of this, we regularly feature within industry awards and constantly strive to deliver campaigns that can be classified as outstanding within the industry.

Our latest achievements include finalists in the Drum DADI awards 2015 for best use of search, and Best use of SEO within the Wirehive awards 2015.

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