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French SEO generating online traffic in the UK & France


Our latest achievements include finalists in the Drum Dadi Awards 2015 for best use of search, and best use of seo within the Wirehive Awards 2015.

SEO That Drives Leads In The French Market

We are a specialist SEO agency driving leads into client businesses through SEO on an international scale.

Keyword Research

Knowing which terms potential clients in your target market are searching for is the first step to successful SEO.


Gaining backlinks to your website from sites local to your target market will increase your relevancy in search engines.

On-Page Optimisation

The content of your pages makes a significant impact on your SERP rankings, so getting this right is key.

Translation & Localisation

Offering web content in the native language of your target audience, as well as in an accessible format to them, will benefit your rankings in international search engines.

For UK Businesses Targeting The French Market

For many industries, the French market is one to be capturing at the moment. POLARIS can help your organisation to enjoy a market share in France with a French SEO campaign; ensuring your website ranks for the terms potential clients in France are searching for.

Services we offer:

  • Keyword research in French
  • Outreach to the French Market
  • Optimisation of your French web content
  • Advice regarding localisation of your French web pages

Our SEO team have experience generating traffic from different territories for international clients. We are able to monitor how much traffic your website is receiving from the French market and build a bespoke French SEO campaign to target this specifically.

Translating your website, or a few key pages you wish to use to target the French market, into French will be of great benefit for your French SEO campaign. Not only, through ease of use, should this increase pages per session and time spent on site, but it will also be seen as more relevant by French search engines, which will have a positive impact on your rankings.

For French Businesses Targeting The UK Market

It is equally important for businesses in French speaking countries to enjoy a market share in the UK. At POLARIS, we have extensive experience of running SEO campaigns in the UK, domestically as well as for international clients. Our in-depth understanding of the UK market means we can help French organisations successfully launch a UK SEO campaign.

Services we offer:

  • Keyword research
  • Outreach to the UK market
  • Translation & localisation of your web pages into English
  • On-page optimisation of your English web-content

Our team have the expertise to understand what makes your business successful in your home market and the professional experience to help you enjoy equal success in the UK market.

If you are a French-speaking business looking to reach the UK market, please get in touch.

Pour Les Entreprises Françaises Qui Veulent Cibler Le Marché Anglais

De la même façon, il est important pour les entreprises dans les pays francophones de profiter d’une part du marché dans le Royaume-Uni. Chez POLARIS, nous avons de l’expérience vaste dans la gestion des campagnes SEO, au niveau national ainsi que pour les clients internationaux. Grâce à notre connaissance profonde du marché britannique, nous pouvons aider les organisations françaises à lancer avec succès une campagne de SEO dans le Royaume-Uni.

Les services que nous offrons :

  • La recherche des mots-clés
  • Le rayonnement dans le marché britannique
  • La traduction et la localisation de votre pages web de français en anglais
  • L’optimisation de votre contenu en ligne anglais

Notre équipe a l’expertise pour comprendre les raisons pour lesquelles votre entreprise réussit dans votre marché domestique et l’expérience professionnelle pour vous aider à profiter du succès pareil dans le marché britannique.

Si vous êtes une entreprise française avec l’intention de prendre le marché britannique, merci de nous contacter.

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