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Content Marketing engaging audiences through emotion


Our latest achievements include finalists in the Drum Dadi Awards 2015 for best use of search, and best use of seo within the Wirehive Awards 2015.

Content With A Purpose

As a leading content marketing agency, our content campaigns start with your audience first, delivering your brand ethos in the right format, at the right time.

Campaign Goals

Brand Awareness, New Product Launch, Data Harvesting. Whatever your goal, we will work with you to devise a route to success.

Audience Segmentation

We segment audiences based on your existing customer base, your competitors, and independent research to profile exact targets defined by all demographics.

Campaign Message

Our Content Marketing Campaigns are designed to have a single, clear message, communicated in a number of ways to ensure penetration to your audience.

Digital PR & Outreach

Our internal contact database holds over 50,000 contacts across a number of sectors, and we actively hunt relevant outreach prospects for your campaign too.

Connecting Brands with audiences through communication

Working closely with you, we work with you to profile how to penetrate your target audience and achieve the goals set for success.

We use a number of proven processes to do this, and profile target audiences using business and market data, as well as independent services such as yougov. Once profiled, we then have an understand of the types of destinations your target audience visit and the nature of content that they are engaged by, allowing us to shape your messaging into an appropriate, relevant format that will be noticed and absorbed.

Our content marketing campaigns are designed to evoke emotion, whether it be interest, surprise, or happiness. These campaigns drive increased engagement and as a result allow a brand to be etched into a consumers mind.

We utilise social channels to communicate these messages and to connect with audiences when they are relaxed and at ease, connecting with consumers through channels such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.

Quantifying your campaign through measurable results

As a content marketing agency, we measure audience engagement through a number of forms including social reach, shares, likes and interactions. We also measure campaign performance in SEO terms by analysing and reporting on outreach successes, domain authority, partner domain metrics and referral traffic.

Using our proprietary content marketing management system Bright Metrics, we plan all campaigns with precision, with clearly defined goals and deliverables for both client and agency across content, asset creation, distribution and reporting.

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