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Remarketing Campaigns

Increase Visibility & Top Of Mind Awareness For Visitors

Remarketing campaigns are an integral part of our clients paid search strategies, with the average person visiting a site 9.5 times before they make a purchase; this digital marketing strategy drives customer win-backs

Re market to visitors that have already been on your website

Increase your chances of a sale by keeping your Brand in front of website visitors after they've visited your website

Remind potential customers to buy from you by showing them the specific product that they were interested in

Stay infront of potential customers through social media channels such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram

Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly reporting to keep you informed of your overall PPC performance

Increasing your business' chances of turning website visitors into customers

Remarketing campaigns can be carried out through a number of media networks, including the Google Display Network (GDN)  & Facebook and Instagram. The purpose of remarketing is to continue re-advertise your brand or product to people that have been onto your website previously.

Our Remarketing specialists run campaigns across Display, Search and Social, so that your business gets maximum exposure across every possible opportunity.

We can also remarket to your old & existing customers, opening up new opportunities for products and services.

As a leading PPC Agency in London, we operate a full view 360 holistic approach to every account. We setup display, search, social and remarketing campaigns using your monthly adspend budget so that your campaigns not only target the right people, but also keep your brand communications infront of them so that if they are not ready to make an enquiry or buy your product today, they will be able to tomorrow.

"Fashion is so competitive that we have to make sure we are constantly infront of our customers. With the dynamic product remarketing that POLARIS setup our sales have increased and we can see a clearly measurable return through orders" - Adam Benjamin, Paradox Shoes

For more information on our agency remarketing services across Google, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, get in touch today.

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