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With 52% of global internet traffic coming from mobile devices, at Polaris, we understand the importance of implementing cross device marketing strategies for our clients through Google Ad campaigns.

Putting Your Business At The Top of The Google Results Page

  • Customer Targeting & Sentiment Analysis

    Everything we do starts and ends with your customers. First, we will profile what a typical customer will look like for your business, and then use this profiling to determine how we structure an ad account to expose your business to these customers.

  • Account Strategy

    Considering your goals, budget, and product/service, we will create an account strategy based on your business needs, industry data, and our experience. The account strategy will be shared with you, before we commence with an account build, so that you too can have input into what we are planning and working on going forward.

  • PPC Account Audit / Build

    We will build a complete and full function using ad account which we can operate on any ad network including Google and Bing. All of our paid search managers are passionate about technology and are abreast of the latest tools to be released. As an agency, we are also included on beta tests of new features being launched which we roll out as a part of our account build process and general ppc service.

  • Ongoing Account Optimisation & Housekeeping

    We apply 10 years of experience in keyword, ad, budget and bid management on a daily basis to make your media spend work harder. We have a specific  schedule we follow and this ensures that our housekeeping process drives continual performance every month on your account.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

    Considering cross device experiences, we focus on usability and onsite experience just as much as driving the right visitors to your website. This is why we also look at how your website experience can be improved to drive more conversions, not just from paid search, but all channels overall, giving you even better value for money from our partnership.

  • Real Time Reporting

    Regular insights go a long way to driving a higher ROAS (Return On Ad Spend), and thats why we have our own proprietary reporting tool, Bright Metrics. Using this system you will be able to see what we are working on, what the performance of your campaigns is, and how we are performing towards overall goals on your account.

Providing a full managed, expert PPC service for companies that want their PPC investment to perform better.

Our PPC Managers are passionate about technology and marketing, and enjoy piecing data and what we know about human behaviour together to increase click through rates (CTRs), conversions, and sales. We enjoy reporting performance successes, and are pro-active in taking necessary actions to drive desired results.

Experts in creating and managing high performance Google Ads Campaigns for SME Businesses across the UK. 

Formerly known as Google Adwords, Google Ads refers to the management system used to advertise a website within Google's search engine. At POLARIS, we have over 10 years experience in creating and managing Google Ads for SME businesses that want to increase website visitors, leads, & sales.

We start by having an initial consultation with you to understand your business and your objectives. This can be as simple as getting more calls for your air conditioning business, but knowing the smaller details such as call out charges, areas you want to work in (and dont want to), particular brands that sell well, all make a difference in making sure we create a campaign that targets the right people and gives your business exactly what you want.

"I needed an instant result with my marketing and POLARIS got it for me. They took my ppc account and relaunched it and within the first few days the phone was ringing. Couldn't recommend them enough." Wakas Khoker, Playwell

Using the many features within Google Ads, we can advertise your business' address, so that customers know you are a local business; your services in a list, so that customers know you do everything they need, not just what theyve searched for; and even your reviews, giving your business credibility from the moment a potential customer has typed a keyword search into Google.

Our management style is simple, and we have a number of different report formats depending on your needs. If you want a straightforward summary of how much you have spent, how many leads or sales you have had, we can do this, or if you want a detailed report with a breakdown of the cost per click figures, how well your ads are doing etc, we can provide this too.

For some of our small businesses that have board of directors or several partners, we are happy to produce a quarterly management report which summarises activity into easily digestable, graphical format.

"I use their Bright Metrics reporting system on my phone so that I can check how my campaigns are doing when im in between jobs" John Shoker, Crestwell Building Services

Our Google Ads managers analyse accounts daily to keep abreast of demand for your products / services, so that we can report back to you and tell you whats going on and why. We communicate using all methods including email, phone, and whattsapp, so even if you have something quick to ask, we are available, even outside of normal office hours.

Case Study

Driving new patient bookings through PPC for thehandspecialist.com

Polaris setup a new campaign to drive initial consultations to the private london clinics

Polaris met with the handspecialist.com after the business had a new website developed for their online marketing. Ramon, private surgeon at thehandspecialist.com, wanted to now see a return from his new website and asked Polaris to detail a plan that would help him get a return through initial (privately paid) medical consultations.

Polaris researched into the clients sector, analysing competitors paid search strategies using industry leading tools and detailed to Ramon the findings of the analysis. Using this data, Polaris set about creating a paid search account that focused clearly on the private patient market segment, advertising thehandspecialist.com using its expertise and service principles.

After launching a geographically targeted ad account with a target cost per action in mind, Polaris very quickly identified some opportunities to improve the website so that users could enquire with more ease. Polaris therefore analysed the user experience on site using CRO tools, and then delivered recommendations to the client based on the data collected.

Polaris worked with the client to get the usability changes implemented onto the website for both mobile and desktop users, and as a result both the agency and client saw a sharp increase in conversions and reduction on cost per conversion.

Amazing PPC Results

  • 213 Increase in traffic
  • 92 Descrease in cost per action
  • 1450 Increase in bookings

Client Testimonial

"The Polaris team perfectly understood and identified key audiences to target with keywords and locations in London. This expertly aligned our business objectives and therefore increased the number of new patient inquiries coming in on a monthly basis"

Ramon Tahmassebi


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