After working with clients that have been introduced to us purely on a referral basis for more than 2 years, we now have a sales team who have been tasked with finding more businesses that are serious about growing their online propositions.

Getting into the swing of things the sales guys have very quickly learned about how other so called ‘SEO Experts’ operate in the UK, offering astonishing guarantees such as the one above. This has made us realise how delicate the reputation is for SEO services.

How did this all come about?

Well, this obviously started with rogue SEO companies that started exploiting the fact that many people dont understand what SEO is and so will just pay x amount per month for a cloud of nothingness. Slowly as people started to realise they are being ripped off, they have backed away and are left with a bitter taste for SEO.

However, the rogue SEO companies continue, targetting businesses which are hungry for growth and agree that £100.00 per month is a small sum to pay, so small in fact that its worth the risk. This has created a massive negativity towards a specialist service which (if done correctly and is genuine) can provide a substantial return on investment (ROI).

Where does this leave businesses today?

With this incredible shadow of doubt, many businesses are either disillusioned or misunderstood regarding the actual nature of professional seo services. Guarantees such as 1st page on Google only need a realistic moments thought, before a person realises (hopefully) how unfeasible and unethical this claim is. Yet still, many decision makers that our team contact still ask for information on the guarantees we provide as a search agency. Unbelievable.

Our approach as an ethical seo agency is simple; we try to explain the reality of these so called guarantees and why we dont provide any to do with rankings and positions in the search engines. If a business doesnt understand that then thats fine, it means they are not serious about their business and more importantly not the right client for us.