who sent me chocolates seoIf you have been following us on Twitter since Christmas I’m sure you would have heard about our ‘Who sent me Chocolate?’ campaign.

The team here at Polaris selected a few companies that we would love to work with and sent the Marketing Manager of each company a bar of custom wrapped chocolate in a shiny blue, eye-catching bubble envelope to ensure that we would capture their attention from the word go! The personalised bar of chocolate gave instructions to the recipient to type into Google, ‘Who Sent Me Chocolates,’ to find out exactly who had sent them a gift through the post. The distinct packaging created a buzz of excitement in the recipient s office almost guaranteeing that the term ‘Who Sent Me Chocolates’ would be typed into Google to find out just who sent them their sweet surprise.

The campaign was a huge success and Polaris has gained a great deal of exposure from the marketing campaign and a significant number of new clients!

The marketing campaign has now expanded to cupcakes, sweets and lots more. If you think that this marketing idea would benefit your business then contact us today to discuss how we can make this campaign work for you and gain your business exposure and potentially new clients.