New Customer Acquisition is becoming more of a challenge for B2B companies. Companies are cutting costs daily, minimising face to face meetings, and segregating their internal teams to home working.

Marketing Professionals often express they have no time to complete the necessary updates and tasks to their sites – evidently needed to drive maximum SEM growth. With an ever-growing number of companies minimising face to face contact and taking a home working approach, this presents an opportunity for marketers and business owners to review their online marketing strategy and how to best utilise their in-house and agency teams.

Being outside of the ‘natural’ office environment is also a time to review past campaigns and performance and re establish goals for the year ahead and any potential impacts as a result of unforeseen economic downturn.  Listed below are bases worth covering when reviewing your current online marketing strategy,

SEO-House Keeping

Allocate some time in your working day to assess the health of your website and identify opportunities to optimise. You may find,

These can be found using a range of SEO tools or actioning an SEO agency to carry out an audit for you.

Content Strategy

Use this time to create a quarterly content schedule for the year ahead that embodies multiple channels and themes. This plan can be used for onsite content, outreach & expert content used to improve the EAT rating of the current site:

SEO- Keyword Research/Current Rankings

Paint a clear picture of where your current site sits against your competitors on the SERPs.

Focussing on your SEM strategy now will reap rewards when this crisis is over, or even during the crisis. Marketers and business owners I have spoken with have taken this approach and allocated time daily to assess their online marketing strategy. Keep calm and SEO on.