Winter season is approaching faster than you think when you consider it takes between 3 to 6 months to see the first results of an SEO campaign. Make sure your website is fully optimised for Autumn by following our SEO tips for boiler hire companies.

1. Long term contracts start early on

From our experience, if you want a 24 boiler hire contract you need to be visible in google from August.

2. Optimise all KW model pages

Our research shows that building and FM managers know which KW boiler they need, so optimise individual model pages for direct traffic from SEO.

3. September is only 3 months away!

Now is the time to understand last year’s performance for your website and get your strategy going for September as this is when the cold season kicks in.

4. Analyse last year’s traffic and compare to your sales

By comparing actual sales won to traffic you will be able to determine where longer hire contracts come from. For example apartment blocks or construction sites.

5. Chiller rentals will be coming back in next 8 weeks

Whilst we hopefully still have summer to go, any chiller rentals out will soon be coming to a close, meaning your business will need to get boiler rentals out to ensure cash continues coming in.

6. Get case studies on site

Case studies of hospitals schools and residential blocks do well to demonstrate kit in action and provide credibility to potential buyers. Get these on site and get them optimised using keyword research.


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