It’s January 2020 and Google has announced a core update that’s already making noise in the industry. Google Core Updates are part and parcel of your journey when running an SEO campaign. Whether you’re a business Owner or Marketing Professional, its key to identify when these updates are happening. A “Broad Core Algorithm Update “is a change of order and influence on varied ranking signals-and relate to the main search algorithm itself.

Google roll out hundreds of these algorithm updates every year (minor tweaks really) but only a handful of these will be announced. Why? Well these tend to be the most significant updates and they will have the most influence on the Search Engine Results Pages aka SERPs.

In some cases, business owners and marketers have reported on 30-60% drops in overall traffic while others have reported on significant drops in key ranking positions, this of course having a knock-on effect on leads and revenue.

Whether you’re a business owner or marketer that has spent money, time and effort to get your website ranked, you will know the success or failure of your business is dependent on being found in the SERPs.

The question is – if your business has been negatively effected by an update, what can you do about it?

Ever heard the expression content is king? like the Panda update Google suggest harnessing your efforts on content and ensuring it’s the best it can be.

Google offered the following list of questions to consider when evaluating your content:

Although we’ve already established content is king, a core update can create a myriad of new issues to a site. Navigating through an update will become more clearer as the weeks commence as google insiders shed light on the update’s effective elements on the SERP.

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