Google released its mobile update on April 21st, 2015 which pushes for mobile-responsive websites to better searches for mobile users. The algorithm change caused millions of users to follow Google’s #MobileMadness campaign which aims at helping webmasters to prepare their website for the mobile search ranking change.

Google’s Mobile Madness Twitter campaign became quite a success engaging a wide mass audience across the globe with thousands of tweets using the #MobileMadness hashtag. Along with their Twitter campaign, Google also launched a video presentation on how to ‘Maximise Your Online Stategy and Search Performance’. The video is Google’s tutorial for marketing managers and website owners, on learning how to create an online strategy and how to measure your search performance.

Along with Google’s Twitter campaign and video presentation, a poll was released where a variety of users took part. The question’ What do you dislike the most when browsing the web on your mobile device?‘ got an impressive 46% of users to respond that they were ‘waiting for slow pages to load‘; 16% users answered the words ‘bring shown interstitials‘. When users were asked ‘What’s the hardest part about having a mobile-friendly site?‘ 53% explained it was fairly easy.

What Else Has Been Said About The Mobile Update?

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