Digital Publishers Need SEO

The Rise of Digital Publishing

Some might say the publishing industry is dead, but the digital publishing world has never been more active, especially in the field of newspaper app development and with the rise of iPad magazine applications and android news apps. Indeed, with the constant evolution and innovation of digital magazine software, tools and solutions that mimic the real thing, digital publishing companies are now facing a fierce and ever-growing competition.
Just like all other businesses, magazine app developers must plan their SEO campaigns carefully, so they don’t get lost in the great Google ocean of anonymity. Even the best iPad magazine applications can get lost in there. A good study of keywords and search terms is elementary to good organic SEO, as is a full study of the web pages.

Know Thy Website

digital-newspaper-publishing-softwarePolaris Agency’s very own SEO expert Keith Hodges explains: “The key for digital publishers is to understand the mechanics of their website; this structure can build a great foundation for longer term success. Without doubt carry out a full analysis of everything from URL structure to existing link profile, then clear up any issues over time. Create a checklist and know what is most important to the success of your publishing platform. You may also find you need to adjust your site appropriately to meet guidelines otherwise missed. From here digital publishers are likely to see better results focusing efforts offsite, building up content around their brand on third party websites to ensure rankings improve; the natural use of content for a digital publisher will already be having a benefit on the website itself”.

In Your Customer’s Shoes

Not everyone can build successful organic SEO. Putting yourself in your target customer’s shoes will let you guess which words people tend to type on search engines. If relevant, try to go for phrases with high searches and low demand. SEO experts can optimize the site of your online magazine software with long, narrow and precise phrases. The circle of SEO is simple: Digital publishers who build their organic rankings get more presence online and this very presence on top of the rankings means more involvement from customers or potential customers. This involvement shows in platform reviews, testimonials and white papers, which in turn strengthen the digital platform’s SEO. Once your organic SEO team has worked its magic on your website and has installed invisible tracking codes, you can now track, measure and analyses its success with free and easy-to-use tools such as Google Analytics. And don’t let yourself be impressed by the big guys like Adobe and Quark: no one is too big or too popular to block you from first rank. The world of SEO is yours.
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