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Improving Quality
Of New Patient Leads
Through Google Ads
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The Hand Specialist was focused on taking a hands on approach to driving initial consultations through their new website

Today’s patients are more proactive and empowered than ever before. More and more we are seeing patients turning to Google to conduct their own health-related research and make decisions and which doctor to see prior to making their first consultation whether online or via phone - about 77% of patients use Google prior to booking an appointment! Google is leading the charge as the most frequently used search platform for patients investigating their doctors.

So what better way to get ahead of other private healthcare practitioners than by advertising through this platform?

Having recently launched their website, The Hand Specialist sought to attract patients who were searching for a private hand doctor based in Central London. Once the marketing objectives were defined, which were to increase appointments to the private clinic via website form submissions, phone calls and emails as well to increase the brand awareness of the clinic in Central London, Polaris set out to develop their paid search strategy. Based on these two main objectives, Polaris set out to to create a paid search strategy focusing on two main campaigns in Google Ads.

The first campaign included higher funnel generic keywords to help build awareness and drive initial consultations such as “hand injury specialist” as well as targeting patients who were searching for specific hand related conditions. The second campaign would focus on lower level funnel keywords, which were primarily branded, this was done to target users who had previously visited the website and wanted to search again by the brand name or private doctor name.

What We Did

After driving traffic to the The Hand Specialist website, Polaris optimized daily to ensure targeting would focus on patients that would most likely request an initial appointment to the private clinic

After launching their Google Ads campaign, using client data to target areas in London of previous patient locations, Polaris were seeing an increase in traffic to their website as well an increase in driving initial consultations to the clinic.

To continue to drive appointment requests through the website, Polaris set out to tighten their targeting in order to really refine the quality of new patient leads coming in. Through ad copy enhancements and keyword optimization, the campaigns were made very clear that the service was “private” and based in Central London, with early morning and late appointments available.

Each Ad Group contained keywords such as “private” and “London” to ensure Polaris were targeting users who were searching for hand specialists through a private clinic and not through the NHS. Negative matching of other hand specialists and locations were done daily to further tighten targeting and really drive users to the website who would most likely enquire about an initial assessment.

After making these changes to their PPC strategy and refining their targeting through negative matching competitors, Polaris saw an increase in initial consultations through web submissions, email and phone as well as a decrease in cost per acquisition.

Polaris successfully increased The Hand Specialist’s website traffic and new patient consultations for their private clinic in Central London. In the last 5 months, CPA has decreased by 92%. This has helped The Hand Specialist to reach more patients at a lower cost per lead, and in turn getting their diary filled up with initial patient consultations as well as surgery bookings.



Increase in paid traffic to The Hand Specialist website


Decrease in cost per acquisition


Increase in patient bookings

What Our Clients Said

"The Polaris team perfectly understood and identified key audiences to target with keywords and locations in London. This expertly aligned our business objectives and therefore increased the number of new patient inquiries coming in on a monthly basis "

Ramon Tahmassebi, The Hand Specialist, thehandspecialist.com

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