1. Will this action improve seo rankings

With over 220 ranking factors to consider when optimising a destination website for SEO, there are many different tasks and focuses that your seo manager can invest account time into. With Googles increased focus on usability and security, the seo deliverables line can also get a little blurred.

Bring things back on track and keep them there by asking your seo manager if each deliverable will directly improve rankings. If so, which rankings or which pages.

2. How much weighting will this action carry towards improving seo rankings

As from above, many different agencies and seo specialists will emphasise on different areas of on page seo, off page seo etc and how much weight they will carry towards your account performance. Be mindful of the competencies of your seo team and ask how much weight a particular deliverable will carry towards increasing your seo visibility. For example, your seo manager could spend half a day analysing 5 competitors or 1 hour analysing 2 top ranking competitors for backlink ideas. Both tasks will achieve pretty much the same objective but by being selective and precious on time you will make sure account time really is best utilised for maximum gain.

3. Are we spreading ourselves too thinly?

Having many keywords within many campaigns is great for maximum coverage but how much time is being spent on optimising for these terms? It’s very easy to spread yourself too thin in SEO and not achieve the rank increases you could due to dilution of effort. Constantly evaluate your account priorities and ensure you are talking to your SEO manager about maximum gain for maximum business impact in the shortest timeframe.

4. What external factors could affect us negatively ?

Do you produce content internally, or have a separate agency looking after your website? These are just 2 typical examples of requirements within an SEO strategy that sit outside of a marketing manager and seo managers remit.

Be mindful of external factors that could affect the performance of your campaign, and have a quarterly review to ensure your up to date in your knowledge.

Other typical factors include

  1. Google search engine algorithm updates
  2. Web development schedules that you cannot control or queue jump for seo works
  3. Budget holders who sign off any spend
  4. Pr consultants or agencies that are external to your business

5. What else do I need to budget for to achieve these seo goals?

Whilst you will be buying in seo expertise and time from an seo agency, there will be other areas that will require investment for your SEO campaign to be a success.

Whilst this is not in all cases and the extent of investment will vary, it is typical to see additional investment required in

– web development

– conversion rate optimisation

– digital PR (if not handled by seo agency)

– call tracking

– marketing automation

– content marketing (if not handled by your seo agency)